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As a business owner, the first priority is making sure my clients pest needs are taken care of. I feel a lot of companies fail in this day and time due to the lack of customer satisfaction. I, as a business owner strive for customer satisfaction. I can’t please everyone, obviously, but I try to do everything in my power to succeed. I have been in this industry for going on 23 years now. I love what I do and look forward to going to work every day. It is hard to call what I do a JOB because I love it so much. I assume then I can call this a hobby job….lol. In short, with the constant changes in this industry as well as new methods continuing to be developed to aid in insect control and elimination, Scram is on it. Thanks for visiting and I look forward to any questions you might have as well as a lasting business relationship.


  1. Tracy permalink

    I highly recommend Scram Pest Control! Ms. Kim is fabulous!! I have had ants attacking my house! Other companies I have used just come spray and leave! She took time to investigate the problem, spray, and bait. My favorite part is she took time to educate me on how I can prevent them and help get rid of them faster!! Not only that she has called and followed up with me every few days!! She’s helping me fight these guys!! If you need an exterminator call Scram Pest Control!!

    • Thank you for the kind words and being proactive in helping me help you get rid of those pesky critters lol🐜🐜🐜

  2. DAVID PRYOR permalink

    I have known Kim of Scram Pest Control for a lot of years. I always try to use friends for services that I can’t perform. You already have a picture from your friendship of the person and how they act socially, and what community activities they are involved in. We all look for someone who is honest, knowledgeable of their profession, hard working, and reliable for the service they provide. Kim meets and exceeds in these areas, and is much more. I can’t express all the qualities Kim possesses,, so I looked at many of her reviews from people who have used her service of pest control, and I have listed comments from others who have used her service. These are just some of the comments they made: ”thorough, personable, well informed, considerate, professional and courteous, explained her process and what would happen, professional and conscientious, great advice on how to prevent problems, complete confidence, very considerate of our pets, reliable and committed to standing behind her work, very thoughtful, loving and kind, always has a smile on her face, work ethic that’s out of this world, went above and beyond and found the problem areas, provides incredible customer service, addressed all of my concerns, awesome person, always professional, and she is thorough.” If you are looking for a new pest control service, or are not happy with one of the chain pest control service, I highly recommend Kim. She stays up to date on new pest control products by attending classes regarding this area. She has always been able to meet or exceed in getting rid of the pests, but gives you advice on what you can do to limit the need for her service.
    Thank you Kim for being there for me when I require your service.

  3. Karen Sandow permalink

    All I can say is THANK YOU KIM! Ed and I are so happy we called you. We have been fighting ants ever since we moved in last November. I kept thinking we would get them under control. But we didn’t. I felt as though they were taking over. Once you came out and worked your magic, we have not seen any at all. I will keep looking though. Thanks again for a great job!

    Ed and Karen Sandow

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